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私は目には見えない、手では掴めないような事を、食べて、写真に戻して、その繰り返しの中で自分自身の事や周りの世界の事を少しずつ理解しようとしている。 何よりも自分が知らないものを見てみたい。それが一番わくわくする。

CANON 写真新世紀2011グランプリ受賞作品(選:椹木 野衣)

Eating Wind

There’s a mindset I want to reach. I don’t trust the images in my head as they are, and I can’t escape the doubts in my mind. This is what I have learned through repetition. And, this is how it should be. Imagining what is on the other side of an image, even though it is a mere premonition: Will it feel good? Or will it leave us with feelings of unease or anxiety? I always want to be sensitive to these things. When I’m in an invigorated and motivated mood, I’m waiting for something much more enjoyable, much more exciting than what I’m imagining inside my head at that moment. The mindset I want to reach is always there. This is an attempt to eat what my eyes cannot see and what my hands cannot grasp, and to put it in back into photos. And by repeating this, to gradually reach an understanding of myself and the world around me. More than anything else, I want try to visualize what I don’t know. That’s the most exhilarating thing for me. CANON New Cosmos of Photography2011Grand Prize/Selecting judge: Noi Sawaragi