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Maya Akashika

Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1985, Her 2011 work Eating Wind won the 34th Canon New Cosmos of Photography Grand Prize. Based in Osaka, she has been showing work in solo and group exhibitions in various locations including overseas. Akashika weaves a unique narrative world in which reality and fantasy intermingle, while tuning in to sympathetic vibrations among various kinds of imagery including verbal accounts of dreams, photographs, pictures and sounds.

Solo Exhibition

2009 "Let's try!" - digmeoutART&DINER, Osaka, Japan
2012 New Cosmos of Photography2012 Tokyo Exhibition "Lightning” - ,Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo, Japan
  "Eating wind" - Visual Arts Gallery, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kyushu, Japan
2015 “Pyon-Pyon Project vol.1 “Did you sleep well?”” - at vacant land in Osaka, Japan/ at a public bath in Tokyo, Japan
2016"Maya Akashika Open Studio "-Visual Arts gallery,Osaka,Japan
2017"Large but light, small but heavy"-KANZAN Gallery,Tokyo,Japan
2017"Be my landscape"-ChocoChoco Gallery,Hualien,Taiwan(Artist in residence)
2019”Sweet Rainy City”-cafe sugar mama,Frankfurt am Main,Germany
2020”Maya Akashika Open Studio vol.2”--Visual Arts gallery,Osaka,Japan

Group Exhibition

2011 ”New Cosmos of Photography 2011 Tokyo Exhibition” - Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo, Japan
2012 "4PHOTOGRAPHERS EXHIBITION" - Bloom Gallery, Osaka, Japan
2013 "SPACE CADET Actual Exhibition #2" - TURNER GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan
"LUMIX MEETS / TOKYO 2020 by Japanese Photographer" - 1RUERICHELIEU, Paris, France/HILLSIDE TERRACE, Tokyo, Japan
2014 "Apartment WAN-WAN-WAN" - Naniwa-Bashi Art Area B1, Osaka, Japan
"阪神手帖 exhibition" - HERBIS HALL OSAKA, Osaka, Japan
"Elements of light Part III" - Nippon Photography Institute, Tokyo, Japan
2015 "STEP OUT! New Japanese Photographers" - IMA CONCEPT STORE, Tokyo, Japan
   "Another Room" - IMA CONCEPT STORE, Tokyo, Japan
"THE TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR LIVE PERFORMANCE ,SPBH: TKY > AMS > NYC" - Kyoto University of Art and Design GAIEN CAMPUS, Tokyo, Japan
   (Sponsored by Self Publish, Be Happy, Aperture)
    "Girl change the world!?" SHIBUKARU-festival - SHIBUYA PARCO, Tokyo, Japan
2016 "Daegu Photo Biennale 2016 "-Daegu Culture & Arts Center, Bongsan Cultural Center,Korea
2018 “festive photography PLENER 2018 PROVOKE2.0 ”-Museum Ognia ,Zory,Poland
2018“CHIHEI”-CASE Tokyo,Tokyo,Japan
2019”Etang Chen/Maya Akashika”-LVDB BOOKS,Osaka,Japan
2019”Neo taiwan”-Shibuya HIKARIE MADO,Tokyo,Japan
2020”Twilight Dayligh Contemporary Japanese Photography vol.17”-Tokyo Photographic Art Museum,Tokyo,Japan
2021”Doki Doki telepathy”-gallery 9.5 HOTEL ANTEROOM
,Kyoto/canon gallary,Tokyo,Japan
2022” Osaka Directory 1 Maya Akashika”- The Nakanoshima Museum of Art, Osaka ,Japan

2011 Canon New Cosmos of Photography 2011, Grand Prize selected by Noi Sawaragi
2012 Visual Arts Photo Award 2012, Grand Prize

2012 “Eating Wind” - AKAAKA Art Publishing, Inc.

Artist in residence
2017 Hualian,Taiwan /Gallery Good underground art space

Collection / Public Art
Tokyo Photographic Art Museum




2009 「ヤッテミヨウ」digmeoutART&DINER/大阪
「風を食べる」ビジュアルアーツギャラリー/東京・大阪・名古屋・九 州
2015 赤鹿麻耶ぴょんぴょんプロジェクトvol.1「Did you sleep well?」桃谷の空 き地/大阪・銭湯”松の湯”/東京
2016 「赤鹿麻耶のオープンスタジオ」ビジュアルアーツギャラリー/大阪
2017「大きくて軽い、小さくて重い / Large but light, small but heavy」Kanzan gallery/東京
2017「Be my landscape」ChocoChoco Gallery/花蓮・台湾(好地下藝術空間アーティストインレジデンス)
2019「Sweet Rainy City」Cafe Sugar Mama/フランクフルト/ドイツ
2020 「赤鹿麻耶のオープンスタジオ vol.2」ビジュアルアーツギャラリー/大阪


2011 「写真新世紀東京展2011」東京都写真美術館/東京
2012 「4PHOTOGRAPHERS EXHIBITION」Bloom Gallery/大阪 2013 「SPACE CADET Actual Exhibition #2」TURNER GALLERY/東京
「LUMIX MEETS / TOKYO 2020 by Japanese Photographers」 1 RUE RICHELIEU /フランス
HILLSIDE TERRACE/東京 2014 サーチプロジェクトvol3「アパートメントわんわんわん」なにわ橋アート
「Elements of light Part III」日本写真専門学校/東京
2015 「STEPOUT!NewJapanesePhotographers」IMACONCEPTSTORE/ 東京
「 Another Room」IMA CONCEPT STORE/東京
THE TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR LIVE PERFORMANCE「SPBH: TKY > AMS > NYC」京都造形芸術大学外苑キャンパス/東京(主催:Self Publish, Be Happy、Aperture) シブカル祭「女子が集えば世界が変わる!?」渋谷P ARCO/東京
2018「PROVOKE2.0-プロヴォーク-」Muzeum Ognia/ジョルィ・ポーランド
2018 「地平」CASE TOKYO/東京
2019 Voices of Photography 攝影之聲 / LVDB BOOKS 共同企画「陳藝堂 / 赤鹿麻耶 写真展」LVDB BOOKS/大阪
2019 「ネオタイワン 超新台灣 in 窗」渋谷ヒカリエMADO/東京
2020「あしたのひかり 日本の新進作家 vol.17」東京都写真美術館
2021「ときめきのテレパシー」gallery9.5 ホテルアンテルーム/京都・キヤノンギャラリー品川/東京
2022「Osaka Directory1 赤鹿麻耶 」大阪中之島美術館/大阪

2011 キヤノン写真新世紀2011グランプリ(椹木野衣選)
2012 ビジュアルアーツフォトアワード大賞


2017 台灣・花蓮/好地下藝術空間ギャラリー