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Sweet Rainy City

Maya Akashika “Sweet Rainy City”at cafe sugar mama
29 November,2019-31 January,2020 〈Cafe Sugar Mama 〉 Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 2, 60311 Frankfurt, Germany

“Sweet Rainy City”This is the name of an imaginary city that I came up with, wishing the whole world happiness.
In Sweet Rainy City, everyone will be able to freely nurture what they choose to spend their time with. (Literally anything, for example, dogs, cats, plants, babies, technology,and even art!)
So the residents will never have to be afraid of any possible harms that threaten their being.
It had never been out of my head, however, I have started to see a glimpse of Sweet Rainy City as I wander the streets.