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Eating Wind
Photographs by Maya Akashika

4,000JPY | 354 × 257mm | 100 page | hardcover
Art Director: Hitoshi Suzuki
Published by Visual Arts College,AKAAKA
Published in November 2012Creating an image.

That is something connects every single image of my works.

I feel the limitation that confines the outline of my images and rather let them grow and danve as they want to.
It is like an experiment which will never end.

I am one of the audience of my own show, simply enjoying the outcome.
Through "Eating Wind", I may have started seeking the way to remain as one of them for the rest of my life.

--- Maya Akashika

"It may be during the moments when casual scenes of the day-to-day waber and warp for an instant, that images such as these are projected onto the retine, and become visible. An extremely eccentric and still world, with roused desire encapsulated whithin. Visions of a dangerous game" --- Daido Moriyama

"The name "Maya Akashika" ("red deer") has tremendous impact. The vision of a deer standing motionless, bathed on the blood-red light of the setting sun, sonvinces me that she must be possessed of some shamanistic nature. Truthfully, as I look over these photographs of hers, the extreme intensity of the performance unfolding there, appears in my eyes as some ritual offered up to a transcendental existence. The photographer herself, as well as her models, are envelopedin a dream-like, entranced state of consciousness. And everntually, the viewer is nearly drawn into this shamanistic realm." --- Kotaro Iizawa

This book is sponsered by Visual Arts Photo Award of Visual Arts College.