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SHOUT is a special issue series published by Voices of Photography with no stylistic limitations. In this very first issue we introduce 16 young artists from Taiwan, Japan, Korea and China, and invited photo critics Shih-Lun Chang, Tomoki Matsumoto, Sujong Song and Yue Ren to give their observations on contemporary photography.


台灣 Taiwan
陳以軒 I-Hsuen Chen
黃亦晨 Sherry Huang
吳孟真 Mong-Jane Wu
鄭婷 Ting Cheng
撰文 text / 張世倫 Shih-Lun Chang

日本 Japan
赤鹿麻耶 Maya Akashika
西野壮平 Sohei Nishino
倉谷卓 Takashi Kuraya
高橋宗正 Munemasa Takahashi
撰文 text / 松本知己 Tomoki Matsumoto

韓國 Korea
鄭知賢 Jihyun Jung
琴惠元 Hyewon Keum
安晙 Jun Ahn
權度延 Doyeon Gwon
撰文 text / 宋修庭 Sujong Song

中國 China
周駿生 Jun-Sheng Zhou
朱嵐清 Lan-Qing Zhu
蔡東東 Dong-Dong Cai
蘇杰浩 Jie-Hao Su
撰文 text / 任悅 Yue Ren

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